Welcome to A Novel Spain. My name is Barry O’Leary and I’ve been writing this blog since 2014, and yep, I’m still going strong. I popped over to Seville about 12 years ago to teach English, learn some Spanish, and pick up a bit of flamenco guitar, but I got a lot more. I’ve become a husband, father of two lovely kids, and also a writer, but I’m no closer to becoming a flamenco guitar superstar (unlike the main character in my novel, see below).

On A Novel Spain you will find information, inspiration, and entertaining views on living in Spain. I do love living here – he says, trying to convince himself – but only after a long battle to feel settled. To be fair, it’s only since becoming a father to two Spanish kids that Seville feels like home. Before that, I tried every opportunity to escape, but a certain senorita kept me here with her mysterious ways – that and her excellent cooking skills.

On my site you should find tips and advice on being an expat, the odd humorous anecdote, opinions about what’s happening in the news, book reviews, and plenty of resources about living in Spain.

I’m also about to finish my first contemporary romance fiction novel, Falling for Flamenco, which is a story about how a genius English guitar player comes to Sevilla to learn the flamenco guitar and falls in love with a flamenco dancer (This has nothing to do with me and my wife – as I said, I never became a flamenco guitarist, and my wife only dances flamenco after a few classes of Rueda). It does show the difficulties of falling in love with a Sevillana though, plus gives you an idea of what Seville is like. I’m on the look out for a publisher at the moment, so it might be a while before you get to read it, but if you follow me then I’ll keep you posted.

For all those ESL teachers, I used to write a blog called Baztefl.com- which I merged with A Novel Spain – and you can also find plenty of advice, ideas, and lesson plans to make your teaching lives easier. I write regularly for Teaching House. I have also published two books about the ESL world, which you can see above by clicking on my books.

This is my rough weekly schedule:

Monday: Share the love post. This will include links to other blogs and articles I’ve read about expat life, Spain, Seville, or ESL ideas.

Wednesday: Expat/Spain/travel based blog. This will include anecdotes, tips and advice, links to articles I have written, book reviews, or just a moan about life here.

Friday: Opinion post. Each week I pick an interesting article I’ve read and give it a slating.

This might change though, as I tend to rethink what I’m doing on a monthly basis- one of the joys of being a writer…enjoy, and welcome.