Essential resources for TEFL in Brazil

Everyone should teach English as a foreign language in Brazil. If you’re up for an adventure, want to teach passionate and fun students, and are interested in learning one of the sexiest languages in the world, then put Brazil on your ‘countries to teach English in’ list and check out these essential resources for TEFL in Brazil.
Hopefully this blog can help you before you go and while you’re there.
TEFL courses in Brazil
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Check out the i-to-i TEFL courses for excellent online TEFL courses. 
Cactus TEFL has courses all round the world. Have a look here for CELTA courses in Rio de Janeiro and SaoPaolo.

Go Abroad have a range of TEFL courses in Salvador, Rio, and Sao Paolo. (Photo by thejourney1972)

Teach English World wide have courses all over, check out their site here has a good range of TEFL courses in Brazil based in Rio, Sao Paolo, and Belo Horizonte.

TEFL jobs in Brazil
If you’re a regular to my site then you’ll know how much I believe in being in a country to find a job. Have a look at my blog about best way to get a job on arrival.
First, of course, are opportunities with i-to-i TEFL jobs.
One of the best websites for jobs is
Have a look here for Dave’s latest jobs on his website Dave’s ESL cafe.
Bridge TEFL jobs have jobs in Brazil: 
JobsTEFL have vacancies in Brazil too.
View of Rio de Janeiro
Brazil Travel Websites
Here are a few websites about travelling in Brazil. 
Discover Brazil is a great website. Have a look here for info on vacation packages, hotels, general information, and private charters. 
BACC Travel is a tour operator offering help on flights, hotels, and tours in Brazil. 
Just Brazil is worth a butchers. Have a look here for destination guides, when to go, getting around, food, culture, just about everything. (Photo by jorgebrazil)
The Foreign and Commonwealth office has vital information about travelling to Brazil
This is a good article about the leading travel websites in Brazil. 

The Amazon awaits

Brazil blogs

A great resource for finding blogs from other expats in Brazil is Brazil Expat Blog. There are plenty of blogs to chose from and you can set your own up if you fancy it.
Going since 2007, Brazil Travel Blog is an honest blog about life in Brazil. 
Go Overseas has 16 different blogs you can chose from. My favourite is The Locals of Brazil which has loads of information about living in Brazil, the carnival, and all the latest news. (Photo by Nao Iizuka)
This blog by Moon is an excellent resource for TEFL teachers wanting to get a real insight into what it’s like living in Brazil.

I hope these essential resources help you plan your trip to Brazil. If Brazil was closer to England, and a bit safer, then I’d probably live there. I had such a wicked time that I’d recommend it to any TEFL teacher looking for an adventure. Drop me a comment if you have any questions. Good Luck!

5 thoughts on “Essential resources for TEFL in Brazil

  1. I completely agree Brazil is a great place – the main reason it is not a mayor destination for TEFL teachers is the visa situation. Know anybody who got a one year contract and visa?

  2. Is that really the case out there Special Brew Man? What are the contract conditions? Can you get a fixed one? I'm on a fixed contract now, took me 4 years with the same school to get it…

  3. Hi Barry, as far as I know (and I´m talking about what I know from Sao Paulo and talking to people who teach in Rio) people generally teach on a tourist visa here, the institutes and langauge schools don´t usually organise the expensive work visa for you. I´m not against working on a tourist visa, but you can only stay in the country for 6 months of every 12 month period – which makes teaching a bit difficult. For example, I´m starting to do quite nicely getting more students – but have to leave in three months!! By the way a good place to catch up with English teaching and Expat news in Brazil is

  4. Yeah that's the impression I got when I was there, one of the reasons I left; I couldn't see myself settling there. Saying that a friend of mine had just got married and was doing well with a load of private classes. Have a comment on this blog about someone who said you can earn from 4 to 6,000 reals a month in Campinas working for a university. What do you make of that? Cheers for the link by the way.

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