Why do a DELTA?

Are you considering doing a DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults)? Perhaps you’ve been teaching for a while and feel it’s time to jump to the next level? Are you a bit mad like me? Here are my reasons why I want to do the DELTA.

What made me decide to do the DELTA?

I wasn’t planning on putting myself through possibly the hardest TEFL course around. I was quite happy writing my blog and bashing away at a novel, but one of my bosses made a suggestion. I’m an assistant DOS in a summer school in London and the Academic Director asked me if I’d thought about doing a DELTA. I had looked into it a couple of years back, but the fact that you had to go to London to do part of the course and exams put me off. Don’t get me wrong, I love my capital, but it would have worked out expensive. Plus I was busy writing my book and planning for a wedding.
Now that I’ve found a language academy in Seville that does the three modules, I’m more up for it. I’m going to do Module 1 online starting at the end of August to prepare for the exam in December, Module 2 from January, and hopefully Module 3 for the following June. I’m expecting it to be a hard 10 months. I already have a pre-reading list of about 12 books. (Photo by JohnGoode)
I want to make a difference
I love teaching, yeah I know, it’s a bit strange, but I really do. I enjoy building rapport with my students and helping them to learn English. I get a buzz when my students understand a complex, or even simple, grammar point, pronounce their past simple verbs the way I taught them, and pass their exams at the end of the term. I like to think I can make a difference in my student’s lives.
I hope with a DELTA I can make even more of an impact. Apart from learning new methodologies and getting tips from fellow colleagues, I expect to become more aware of the English language, which should help my students. It’s going to be a hard slog, but I’m confident there will be a lot of benefits.

Improve my future job prospects

I think I’ll always be a teacher, but I’d like to broaden my horizons in the future. Once I’ve passed the DELTA (positive attitude) some new TEFL doors should open. I can hopefully move up the ladder and get involved on the management side of things. I enjoy being an assistant DOS and ultimately I’d love to have my own language academy in the future. There is also the possibility of becoming a materials writer. Having a DELTA is vital if you want to write for the most established publishers. 
(Photo by gunnarhafdal)
Become a better teacher
I think I’m a good teacher already, but I’m prepared to get ripped apart during the course. Luckily I already get quite a bit of training which helps with new ideas and activities in class. I think the DELTA will make me a better teacher though. I’m hoping to get a broader understanding of teaching. I’ve read a few blogs and the standard comments are that you start thinking in the bigger picture, not just “Right, today let’s do page number 45.”
Overall the DELTA should tighten up my classes. I’m interested in learning more about using phonology to help my student’s pronunciation and finding out new techniques to improve their writing, listening, and reading skills.
Stress in on the way

A glutton for punishment

I have to say that I do like to test myself. After travelling the world alone, settling in Seville without family and learning Spanish, writing a travel literature book, and planning a wedding, it’s time for a new challenge. I’m not sure why I keep putting myself through these long ordeals and stressful times, but life is all about personal development and change. (Photo by bottled_void)
Now or never
After almost nine years teaching English as a foreign language I think that if I don’t do the DELTA now then I never will. I’m keen to write novels in the future and there might be the possibility of little ones running around in the next couple of years (Mum if you’re reading then I said the next couple of years, not now) so I’m doing it while I can.
So those are my reasons for doing the DELTA. I’m going to be keeping a DELTA diary and be adding useful resources to my blog to help others doing the course too. If you’re doing the DELTA, or have already done it, then I’d love to hear from you, maybe leave a comment below as to why you’re doing the DELTA or any tips that will help people reading. 

7 thoughts on “Why do a DELTA?

  1. Do you think that the DELTA qualification is better or more recognised than a PGCE?

  2. Hiya,

    Erm, I just think they are different. PGCE is more for public state schools and international schools and DELTA is for Language schools. I like to think that DELTA is more recognised in the TEFL industry…

    Why, what do you think? Whoever you may be…


  3. Hi Anonymous,

    I have spent quite a few years around Education/School Teachers (Primary/secondary)and Barry "has hit the nail on the head" if your intention is to work in Schools or you want to train as a teacher then PCGE/or similiar is essential otherwise the DELTA/or CELTA/similiar courses are essential for the TEFL industry. Alot of School/education teachers do the CELTA/or similiar TEFL courses during their summer periods for extra work/experiences during their summer vacations.

    Hope this helps,
    ps. thanks Barry for a great website AND you have encouraged me to get on and do that CELTA!


  4. Hey Tony,

    Thanks for writing. Glad you like the site and it's inspired you. That was the original idea. Now that I've done my DELTA I can get back to writing again.

    So where are you based? Where are you going to do the CELTA?

    Good luck


  5. Hi Barry,

    I just found out about your blog today through a notice I received from Cambridge English Teacher for your webinar next week (which I'll be attending). I've spent the last hour reading some of your older posts and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it.

    I'm CELTA certified and I'm very close to starting my career abroad, which I'm nervous and excited about. I very recently just launched my own blog called "The Road to DELTA" because as early as two years ago (after completing CELTA with a Pass B), I already knew that I wanted to do it at some point, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive the email about your webinar and I'm very much looking forward to it.

    All the best,


  6. Hey Jamaica,

    Lovely name. I once had a student called Africa and she was great. Anyway, thanks for writing on my blog and your kind words. Where are you heading then? Put a link to your blog on a comment below and I'll have a look.



  7. Thank you, Barry. I have a friend whose last name is Africa and people joke that we should get married so that my name will be Jamaica Africa. I did my CELTA in Saigon and I originally wanted to head back there to teach, but unfortunately didn't make the cut. If all goes well, I may be heading over to Kuala Lumpur–fingers crossed.

    You can find my blog at http://theroadtodelta.wordpress.com/

    Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

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