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It’s been a long week; not had the chance to write a blog because of studying for the first Mock Exam on my DELTA course; results out on a DELTA diary next week. Here are a few useful TEFL blogs I’ve just read.

What’s the best adventure travel book ever written?
Have a look at this post on gap year escape about the best adventure travel books ever written. ‘An Idiot Abroad’ is my favourite (not on the list). Photo by frontierofficial

Myths of a perfect teacher
This blog on teaching village is worth a read. It’s called the myth of the perfect teacher. I especially like the one about how the perfect teacher has an M.A or DELTA…great motivation when studying on a Sunday morning…

Foolproof back up activities
While browsing my google reader I came across this useful article by a good friend of mine. Katie at i-to-i TEFL has some great foolproof back activities. Nice one Katie…

Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools
Check out this useful blog on Freetech4teachers called ten terrific mind mapping and brainstorming tools.

Phrasal Verbs with take 
This blog on English Speaking might come in handy if you’re doing exercise on phrasal verbs with take.

If you have any other useful blogs or you want me to include yours in next week’s article then just leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “This week's Top TEFL blogs

  1. Barry! I've met the male version of me! I taught in Sri Lanka, even ended up teaching Russian sailors on board a container ship going across the Atlantic Ocean. Spent a year in Australia, a few months in New Zealand and the Sth Pacific too.
    So, here I have ended up – in the crazy, chaotic, anachistic country of Greece.
    Hanging on by the skin of my teeth with a job teaching EFL to 5 year olds at the moment (actually lost my voice this week from having to yell. First time in a long time!).
    Have a CELTA, taught in the British Council in Cairo and for a spell in Athens. Also write a blog, but more about expat life in Greece (in an upbeat way, given Greece's bad press).

    Check me out:

    Will download the e version of your book.

    All the best


  2. Hey Bex,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Nice blog, how did you get that books I'd recommend section? Looks cool.

    Sounds like you've had some adventure too…what's it like teaching in Greece at the mo? Spain is pretty dire but the TEFL industry is doing okay…

    I'd like to put you on my next Top TEFL blogs if that's okay? Am sure you'd like a bit of extra publicity?

    Hope you enjoy my book…



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