Baby Time!

This is a quick blog for all my subscribers and followers to let you know that I’ll continue writing in about two weeks. All for good reasons. My boy was born last week and so I’ve got my hands full changing nappies, learning how to wind him, and everything else that involves being a Dad. It’s all good fun, but sadly not much time to write. So keep following me and I’ll be back as soon as possible. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Baby Time!

  1. Congratulations! Sorry to post this here as it's not relevant to this post, but thought I should comment on a recent post. I've recently completed my TEFL course and really need some guidance on which country to choose. I'm desperate to get going but change my mind every 5 minutes! I've been looking through blogs for inspiration and I've come across yours a couple of times now. I'm thinking about Brazil or Thailand – which one would you recommend for a first experience? In which country was it easier to find a job? And was Brazil worth the money – I've heard it's expensive. I'm really looking for a country with beautiful scenery that offers a good, active adventure. If you have any advice, or anyone you could put me in touch with it would be very appreciated! Thanks 🙂 '"job?

  2. Hey Hannah,

    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for writing. That's a tricky one, both amazing countries to live and teach English. Totally depends what you want. For adventure, not so sure working conditions, but fun and plenty of scope for travel then I'd go for Brazil. If you want a slightly more serious job with more chances of legal work, plus adventure and great scenery then I'd chose Thailand. Depends if you have a preference for the language too, Thai is really hard. I'd say it was easier to find a job in Thailand, but then again with the world cup next year a lot of teachers will be heading to Brazil because maybe the demand for learning English may rise due to the extra tourism….flip and coin! Good luck.

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