Navidad, Navidad, Crappy Navidad!

Okay, Christmas in Sevilla is not crappy, it’s not as special as it is back in London, but it’s not crappy. It’s just that I’ve adopted my own version of the song ‘Navidad, Navidad, Dulce Navidad.” My wife tuts when I sing it, and fair enough it’s not the most jovial song for Christmas, but it’s become my anthem at this time of year.

Just like my trip home at Xmas. Photo by Puzzler4879

Just like my trip home at Xmas.
Photo by Puzzler4879

I love Christmas: stuffing my face full of goodies, gathering with friends and family, and barging people out the way in the shops. Last year I celebrated Christmas in Seville. It was my first time, and probably won’t be the last time, but I much prefer it at back home. Mainly because I’m with my own family and mates, but also because it’s just a bit more special back in England.

I did enjoy Christmas in Seville, and there are a lot of reasons why it can be special. To read more check out my latest article for Expat Focus titled You Can’t Beat Christmas with your own Kind.  

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Hope you all have a great Christmas. Be back in the New Year!

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