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This is the first official entry on my new blog, BazTefl.com. I started my other blog Teaching English as a Foreign Land back in 2011, and I’ve decided to move from blogger.com to wordpress.org for a more professional look and design. As you can see BazTefl.com is a lot more user friendly, easier to follow, and just more pleasing to the eye. So if you were looking for my previous blog, it’s all been migrated here.


Time for a change… Photo by Hannah Sheffield

What’s has changed? Apart from the name, layout, design, and platform, I have more free time again. Since starting the DELTA I’d put blogging to one side because of various reasons: I did the DELTA, we had a boy, we had a girl, and we learnt how to become parents. Now that they are both more or less sleeping through and are starting school and nursery I have my free time back (not that I wouldn’t rather be playing with them if I’m honest).

Why should you care about that? It just means that I’ll be posting more regularly and writing like I did when I first started blogging. I aim to publish a post every Monday and Friday. Here are the type of posts you can expect:

ESL Resources: this will include lists of the best resources I can find on the internet, to save you trawling through the millions of pages out there. I aim to include topics such as activities, games, specific grammar points, lesson plans, and material for exam levels too.

How to…: similar to a lot of my previous posts, these ones will include information on how to make your life easier both in and out the classroom.

Case studies: I’ll take some real life ways in which I’ve improved my students English and produce blogs on how you can apply this to your classes.

ESL Journey: this is going to be a two weekly journal of what happens in my classes. That’s right, I’ve started taking a notebook to class and am jotting down new activities, ideas, games, funny quotes, how certain problems arise and how I deal with them, plus a few anecdotes and funny quotes from my students.

ESL games and activities: these will be short blogs on games and activities that I use in class, either ones that I’ve stolen from other people, been told about in training, or made up on the spot in class (and have normally worked quite well).

Songs with phonetics: these songs were hugely popular on my previous blog, and my students love them, so I’ll definitely be doing a lot more songs with phonetics.

Top ESL posts: again popular on my previous blog, this will be a round-up of the best ESL related posts I read over the month.

Anecdotes: I had an email from a student once and she said that she missed my classes, but mainly my silly anecdotes. Just one student mind, the rest normally turn their eyes up and groan when I begin to tell a story.

Reviews: this will be mainly about ESL books that I’ve read, or started to read and put down.

Randoms: whatever else crops up in my devious mind.

So, there you have it. Welcome to Baztefl.com. Check out my About page for more about me, and you can follow me by subscribing to email here, on twitter here, and also on facebook here.

My first blog will be on Monday, titled, Best ESL activities websites.


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