Best ESL Activities!

Looking for the best ESL activities to make your life a little easier in the classroom? Getting bored of your usual teaching English tricks and in need of some fresh ideas? Well, check out this monster list of the best esl activity websites in the world (voted by me and myself).

best esl activities
ESL activities soon to be on the old eye phone…
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ESL Activities

1. Lanternfish has a load of activities for adults, plus worksheets for young learners, and plenty of lesson plans. There’s a lot of printable material as well, really useful if you want to kill off a few trees: an ESL teacher’s secret mission in life.

2. The Internet TESL Journal , which I mentioned in an previous list of lesson plan websites , has a great section specifically for games and activities. There are some of my favourites on there, including battleships, pictionary, and human bingo .

3. FluentU, an educator blog, has a list of 13 speaking activities for adults. Might even try these with a quiet group of intermediate teenagers I have this year.

4. Dave’s ESL Cafe has a decent section on ideas, which has a load of ideas on business English, holidays, grammar, plus tons more.

5. Stickyball is a fantastic website with resources for ESL teachers. It has activities and worksheets on grammar, phrasal verbs, phonics, and vocabulary.

6. Here’s an excellent article titled 10 best games for ESL teachers abroad. It’s on Go Overseas which provides volunteer, teaching and study programs abroad.

7. ESL Galaxy has a fantastic collection of activities, lesson plans, and worksheets too. It’s got downloadable packs as well as interactive exercises and activities.

8. 5 Minute English has a great range of grammar, speaking, reading, and writing activities on this page titled The Fun of Learning English.

9. Activities for ESL students is full of activities for ESL students, funnily enough. You can find stuff on grammar and vocabulary.

10. Teaching ESL to Adults has details on worksheets, lesson plans, and also some books available to buy.

11. Check out Teach This for some brilliantly fun ESL games for the classroom. There’s a great mix of grammar, first day, drilling, drawing, descibing games, plus more.

12. Teaching English Games has a detailed breakdown of lesson plans and games categorized into different ages. They also have stories, songs, plays and flashcards.

13. ESL Your Dictionary is a great resource for not only lesson plans but articles, tips, and advice.

14. English Club has a decent list of activities as well. They are arranged under level.

15. ESL Games Plus has some brilliant interactive games for younger learners and also teenagers, and hell, why not adults too.

That’s all for now. I’ll be updating this when I come across new ESL activities websites. If you want to add your site then just leave a comment below. Thanks. Hope this helps.

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