Who to follow in the TEFL / ESL world!

There are about fourty four thousand ESL and TEFL bloggers in the world, so unless you have a personal secretary who can scroll through all the drivel each day and pick out the ones with the most useful, entertaining, and time saving information, then check out this list. These ESL and TEFL bloggers are all up-to-date and the writers are still producing quality material.


Best ESL / TEFL bloggers in town. Photo by Tamara Artis

Best ESL bloggers to follow

The English Blog is updated regulary with posts on lessons, advice and loads of ESL resources.

ddeubel.edublogs is well worth checking out for information on EFL 2.0, teacher training, teaching recipes and more.

Jamie Keddie has done a couple of sessions at where I work, ELI, in Sevilla, and has some great ideas for classes. Check out Lessons Stream for decent class materials using videos.

Teacher Reboot camp, by Shelly S Terrell has shed loads of blogs, articles, and a hefty collection of survival tips.

Ozgekaraoglu.edublogs is a decent blog by Ozge, an English teacher, trainer, and ELT author.

Burcu Akyol is a great blog by a teacher out in Turkey. She has some great ideas, activities and advice.

Vicki Hollett’s teaching blog is worth checking out for lessons, videos, and worksheets.

A Journey in TEFL by Eva is a great blog worth following. She has workshops, talks, videos, and ideas with songs in class.

Fun to teach ESL is a fun, dynamic and interesting blog about teaching ESL.

English with Jennifer is a blog for ESL teachers. So check it out.

Janet’s Abruzzo Edublog is written by a teacher in Italy. She writes about happenings in the class as well as in Italy.

The ESL Blog has ideas on what to teach, how to teach, and plenty of useful articles.

The Guardian TEFL is well worth checking out for the latest news in TEFL around the world.

i-to-i TEFL blog is great for new teachers. I used to write for these guys so they must be pretty good.

Tefl Geek has some interesting and funny articles on all areas related to TEFL.

My That’s English has useful lesson ideas, tips, and resources.

Azar Grammar is a pretty damn good blog to following if you’re interested in taking grammar teaching to the next level.

TEFL TIPS is the prefect blog for tips on all areas of TEFL.

Tefltastic by Alex Case has a load of great resources, ideas, and lesson activities.

Free ESL Materials by Sean Banville has loads of lesson plans and materials for the classroom.

Go Abroad Blog is useful for blogs about teaching in various countries as well as ideas and advice on stuff to do in class.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be updating when I can. If you want to leave a comment with your blog then fell free. Thanks.

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