Top ESL blogs: IELTS Speaking, get out of TEFL, and personal development

Top ESL blogs is back. Here is a compilation of the best, most entertaining and useful blogs that I’ve read over the last months.

TEFL China

Get out of TEFL in China? Where are they teaching? Photo by melenama

Want to get out of TEFL?

I know I’m supposed to be encouraging being a TEFL teacher, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re trying to get out of TEFL then check out this article about getting out of China, on The Guardian.

IELTS Speaking Practise

Have a look at this useful article on Oxford University Press which gives tips on grammar range and fluency for speaking part 1.


Movie Clip: The Shining

Scare the hell out of your students while teaching them quantifiers and articles with this lovely lesson on Movie Segments.

Report writing on a murder

This is a great lesson following on from any crime related class. Check out ESL Writing for a great lesson plan on writing a report on a murder.

Professional Development

Do you meet up with your fellow teachers and plan lessons? Sandy Millin has some great ideas here on this blog about how professional development is structured where she works as a DOS.

That’s all for this month. Thanks.

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