Essential PET resources for ESL teachers and students!

Teaching PET/B1 can be a tough job, and without decent resources you’ll have a pretty tricky time getting your students over that 70% pass mark. After publishing my previous blog The Definitive guide to getting your students through PET/B1, as promised here is a list of useful resources you can use in class. These can be for both teachers and students, so if you’re an English language learner trying to present yourself on your own, then these PET resources will help you.


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Cambridge English

Check out Cambridge English with a rundown on exacty what PET is, and also for a list of resources for PET teachers, including nearly 20 lesson plans. It’s definitely worth checking out these sample papers too. For their books click here.

Macmillan English

Macmillan English has a useful section on PET, including both teacher and students resources.


This is one of my favourite sites for all exam levels. The PET exam Section has information about the exam, vocabulary practise activities, reading, writing and speaking practise, as well as grammar exercises.

Exam English

Exam English has some very useful practise tests online. You can improve your Reading and Writing, and Listening, and there’s also a decent article on how to do well in the speaking exam.

ESL Bits

There’s a fantastic resource of online reading material here, which you can either do in class now and then or just give students the link so they can do it on their own. The page is called PET Reading comprehension and Test Preparation. For general reading and listening practise there is also a great selection of novels that students can read and listen to. Check out the homepage for novels such as About A boy, Sherlock Holmes, and War Horse.

English Aula

Has some marvellous exam practise pages. Including listening, writing, reading and even speaking tests. Be careful though, there are a few freebies but then you have to subscribe, might be worth considering though.

One Stop English

One Stop English has some lesson plans, but you need to subscribe, and seeing as I haven’t yet, I can’t comment, but you can have a look at the PET section.

ISL Collective

There’s a massive collection of PET exam materials on this site. Have a look at the 46 ESL free worksheets.

Pearson ELT

Here’s a useful collection of videos and ideas for teachers and students to give an overview of PET. If you sign up for free you can access some useful tips for PET students too.

If you know of any other websites or want to promote your own PET/B1 lesson plans or resources then just drop a comment below. I’ll be updating this blog regularly. Cheers.

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