Top ESL Blogs: Brexit, Virtual Reality in the class, and Movie Clips

Here’s the next batch of the top ESL blogs I’ve read recently.

Brexit esl

In or out? Shake it all about… Photo by dou_ble_you


Generated some discussion with your students about the latest results of Brexit? Have a look at this cartoon with useful vocabulary on The English Blog.

Virtual Reality in the class

Do you use virtual reality in the class? Is it possible? Well, check out this article on Teaching English titled Virtual Reality in the EFL class. It has an interesting clip to watch and then ways to integrate virtual reality into the class.

Modals with Movie Clips

Check out the latest movie clip segment with a lesson on Big Eyes. It’s a simple lesson about predictions…but damn useful.

Lesson Plan of the month: Cosplay

This might seem a bit weird, but I tried it with a group of lads in class at the end of term and it went down a treat. Check out this Cosplay lesson plan on English Baby. In a nutshell the lesson is a listening based on dressing up as super heroes. You have to sign up to English Baby for the lesson though.


If you’re in France watching the Euros then why not forget about football for a bit and check out this musuem recommended by David Crystal on his blog DC Blog. David gives a brief description of the language musuem and tells why you should go see it in Paris.

That’s all for this month.

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