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This month I’m teaching an intensive PET course and am using a new book called Complete PET by Cambridge University Press. It’s a pretty decent book so I thought I’d do a quick review and provide you with some power point presentations that link in well with the book. The presentations are more to create conversations leading into topics, elicit what students know about the grammar, and some vocabulary activities. For presentations on skills then check out my PET page.

complete-pet-student-s-bookWhat’s Complete PET like?

Probably one of the most complete PET books that I’ve used, and I’ve been teaching this level for a few years now. The layout is fantastic, it covers the exam skills gradually throughout the book, getting more difficult as it goes on.

There are some decent recordings and examples of students doing the speaking parts of the exam and plenty of useful expressions.

It’s got some excellent resources and models for the writing parts and deals with parts 2 and 3 quite well.

There’s a great grammar reference section too, which goes through all the necessary grammar and B1 level.

The past exams at the back of the book are great too, which helps not having to photocopy previous past papers (at the start of the course anyway).

Any moans?

Just that some of the ordering of the skills parts are a bit random. I like to teach my students the exam in order so they know what to expect. For example the speaking part 4 comes before parts 2 and 3, which was a bit awkward to teach. The grammar is a bit heavy at times too.

Here are the power point or ebeam presentations I’ve done for the units. I’ll update this as I finish them.

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

Unit 6

Unit 7

Unit 8

For units 9 to 12 I’ll be publishing a blog on 1st of August, click here to have a look.


If you haven’t seen it then check out my PET / B1 Essential resources post, plus click here for all posts related to PET.

Hope that helps.

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