5 more reasons to do a CELTA

Following on from my popular most blog, 5 reasons to do a CELTA, which I posted over 4 years ago, here are 5 more updated reasons to do a CELTA and become a TEFL teacher.


Just up from where I used to live… Thanks to the CELTA. Photo by Walter

Loads has changed for me in the last 4 years, and the more I think about it, the more I realise what a life changing event doing the CELTA was. I’d like to think that after 13 years teaching I know a hell of a lot about English, both how the language works and how to teach it, now I’m settled in Sevilla, Spain, married to a Spanish lady and we have two wonderful kids. None of my current life would exist if I hadn’t decided to jack my sales job in in London and done the CELTA.

In my last blog I spoke about getting the best jobs, having a great tool, gaining confidence, testing the water, and about the fact that Cambridge qualifications are the most recognised. For me, that all still stands true, but here is some extra information which might help you in deciding whether or not to do a CELTA.

Start of a long and prospering career

Getting a CELTA is not only about getting a job, but lining yourself up with a fantastic career with extremely high levels of job satisfaction. Sure, at times it’s hard to teach English. You can get difficult classes, annoying students, and even terrible employers, but there are plenty of great moments when you realise how lucky you are to be teaching and helping people improve their lives.

The CELTA is the best way to start your new career. Once you complete it, then you have a golden ticket to be able to travel the world and work, actually live abroad, maybe become an expat in another country and broaden your mind beyond anything imaginable. You’re not going to get massively rich, unless you own a language school, but you will obtain a satisfactory life.

Build contacts

I still keep in contact with the people I did a CELTA with. I even found a couple of jobs via the college I did the course with. Not straight away mind. I just set off and went to the countries where I wanted to go and found jobs, but later on, through networking and building my contacts, I was able to land employment in decent language schools.

I also kept in touch with the other students on my course. Two are also still in the TEFL industry, living the life they once dreamt about.

By doing a CELTA, you are not only starting your new life, but also making a list of potential contacts, which can help you as your career progresses.

The highest recognition

I said before that Cambridge is seen very well by employers throughout the world. This is not only for teachers, but students. I am now a qualified speaking examiner for Cambridge and it’s the language certificates by Cambridge which are considered most valuable to employers.

If you do a CELTA with an established company then you’ll be able to relax, knowing employment is just around the corner when you finish.

Teaching English is a life-long job, and people will always need to learn English, so by doing the best qualification you are sorting yourself out for life.

Education is everything

It’s true that most of what I have learnt since the CELTA has been in the classroom. You can’t really teach yourself how to teach unless you are teaching, if that makes any sense. Sure, you’ll learn the real ins and outs after your CELTA, but getting that education is vital in kick starting your career.

Of course, I have become the teacher I am today thanks to the training in my current company too. We have an excellent training and management support and are always updating our skills. Doing the DELTA was also a massive learning curve, and giving myself that extra education has enlightened my whole outlook to teaching.

Do it while you can

I get a lot of emails from people who are not sure about whether to do the CELTA, or not. Despite different life circumstances, I always recommend them to just go for it.

Even if you’re in your 40’s or 50’s and have had enough of your current career and want to take up something new, maybe you have just finished university and are not sure whether you can become a teacher, or maybe you’re a teacher in a public school and want to get away. There’s no time like the present, so get booked up and do a CELTA and start your new adventure.

I’m not trying to sell CELTA courses, or anything, I’m just giving something back to the public and trying to show how teaching English abroad is a great way to live. You can travel, meet loads of people, learn languages, and live that dream.

I’ll be focussing a lot on CELTA the next couple of months and plan to provide resources for choosing the right course, the ins and outs of getting through the course itself, and what you can do after.

I’m also currently writing a book about how to survive your first couple of years as a TEFL teacher, so follow my blog for more information about that.

So, convinced now? What’s your situation? Any comments then just let me know. Good luck.

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