This month's top ESL posts: CELTA lesson plans, teach in Spain, and IELTS speaking

Here’s my monthly post of the best, most useful, or most entertaining blogs I’ve read recently.

tefl spain

Always seem to be drinking water at the moment…Andalucia. Photo by Nick Kenrick

Teach English in Spain

Thinking of coming to teach English in Spain? Don’t bother, it’s too bloody hot. But if you’ve got your heart set on it, then check out this blog titled Guide to Teaching Abroad in Spain on Sangria Stained Lips.

Not sure about working abroad?

There’s a useful article on the Guardian which answers a question to someone’s problem that they are not sure whether to work in the teaching English trade abroad, or be a fitness instructor. I say do both, especially if you want to save any money. For a look at the article click on the title Dear Jeremy – your work problems solved.

IELTS Speaking part 3

This is an activity I use a lot in class, either as a warmer for vocabulary before a topic to see what students know, or as revision. Have a look at this activity on the Oxford University Press blog titled What’s the word? for a useful lesson.

How to write CELTA lesson plans

Always useful if you are starting of as a TEFL teacher and need advice on how to write a CELTA lesson plan. Have a look at this blog titled How to Write CELTA lesson plans on ELT planning. Great advice.


Getting over 10,000,000 page views in 10 years is definitely worth shouting about. So, if you don’t know of Telftastic by Alex Case, then check out his latest blog which will give you an idea of what to expect when you follow him.

That’s all for now. Same again next month.

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