Top ESL posts: Teaching writing, smart phones, becoming a CELTA tutor!

Here’s my next monthly installment of the best articles and posts I’ve read recently about the TEFL / ESL world.

smart phone tefl

How smart is your phone? Photo by paulswansen

Task to teach writing

How often do your students writings suffer from problems with coherence and clarity? Well, there’s a great lesson plan based on Moral Choice on ESL Writing which could be useful for higher level students. I know I’ll be giving a go when term starts.

Do you use smart phones in class?

I did a bit last year, and there are loads of ways you can use them. I came across Thomas Healy’s Smart Choice book the other day, which I haven’t read yet but it’s on my wishlist. I’m waiting to see what he says at his webinar. Click here for details on how you can register.

Film English

Why have I never seen this website? Film English is the bees knuckles, the dog’s knees, it’s just bloomin’ marvellous. I especially like this last film set around the Olympics and based on Usain Bolt’s life story. Click here for a lesson plan on The Boy who could fly.

Thinking of becoming a CELTA trainer?

I’m not, just yet anyway. But if you’re interested then have a look at this post by Sandy Millin titled Two Years as a CELTA tutor, which gives a useful insight into what to expect as a CELTA tutor.

Have you had enough working abroad and want to go back to the UK?

If so, then there’s an interesting article on the Guardian, where Jeremy gives some advice to someone wanting to go back to the UK after being a TEFL teacher. Have a look at this article titled Dear Jeremy, your work problems solved.

That’s all for this month. Thanks for reading.

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