ESL songs with phonetics: Lukas Graham, 7 years.

What did your Daddy say to you when you were 7 years old? Mine told me to score some goals, so I did. That would never be a song, because it just doesn’t rhyme, but this one by Lukas Graham – 7 years, is a decent song. Below is a phonetics activity you can do with your students and this song. If you haven’t taught your students phonetics yet, then have a look at ways to teach phonetics.

There are a couple ways you can do this lesson.

1- Students listen to the song first and try to fill the gaps. Then put the words in the correct columns and listen again.
2- Students look at the missing words first and put them in the correct columns. Then listen to the song and complete the gaps.

I’ve prepared the song with numbered gaps, an activity to put the words in the correct column, plus the full lyrics and answers. I plan to get my students to learn the chorus and sing it a few times. Everything is on this word document: Once I was 7 years old. Lukas Graham

Have fun!

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