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I’m still not sure there’s a whole lot of cash to be made for writing about TEFL. I reckon the big cash must come from writing text books, but from what I’ve heard I don’t think I could cope with having to write in a set way for a publisher with them nitpicking my ideas.


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So I figured there must be another way to make some cash from writing about TEFL, hence this blog. There doesn’t seem to be a way where you can forget about teaching in the class and become a full time TEFL writer, but if you want to get your name out there and promote your blog, or just love writing for other people, then here are a few blogs and wesbites you can write for.

Teaching English

I wrote one blog for these guys, but intend to go back. They have a selection of bloggers who write about all types of categories related to ESL. Have a look at this section about how to become a Teaching English blogger. The editor will let you know what topics are about every two months, which is useful for giving you a guidance.

Oxford University Press

This is one which I am targetting. There is a wide range of topics you can blog about here and also they have a very wide audience on facebook and twitter. To become a blogger for Oxford University Press then have a look here

English Teaching Professional

This is that magazine that flies around your staffroom sometimes, at least it does in mine, and often has photos of people I know in it. I haven’t had the balls, energy, or even brainpower to submit anything yet, but it’s on my list. Have a look at how to contribute.

Go Abroad Blog

Go abroad writes about teaching, travelling, volunteer programs and much more. They also have a very wide audience and are looking for TEFL writers. So why don’t you get in touch here.

Matador Network

Again these guys look for a range of contributors and TEFL writers is one of them. They also pay too, an added bonus. So check out their guidelines here.

Bridge TEFL

Fancy earning an Amazon 10$ gift vouchers for talking about your tefl adventures? Then check out this page titled Write for Us.

EFL Magazine

This is also a great magazine for reaching out to a wider audience with your ideas about TEFL. Have a look at their Write for US page.

If all else fails, then…

Try Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way of bringing traffic to your site, and here’s a list of decent ESl blogs which may take guest bloggers. The page is ESL / EFL Teacher Blogs. I would recommend following a couple of blogs you like and then approaching them about possibly blogging or writing a guest post for them. That way you know their style and what they normally write about. I’m quite up for anyone who wants to write a guest blog on my blog as well.

That’s all I’ve found for now, if you have any others just leave a comment below. Hope that helps.

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