Phonetics Game: Phonetics Lobbing!

Spanish students love this one because they think it’s something to do with wolves, but it turns out to be more about their throwing skills. As usual, these phonetics games are for those of you who know the sounds, symbols, and have taught them to your students. To find out how to go out that, then have a look here.


Lob some phonetics at this guy…if you dare. Photo by Animals Abandoned

Phonetics Lobbing

Level: all

Prep time: 5.6 seconds.

When you can do it? Warmer, finisher. Just randomly before a listening exam, or whenever the hell you want.

What to do

  • Ask students what they think phonetics lobbing is. Tell them it is more a throwing game than a wolf style game (lobo is wolf in Spanish).
  • Load up the following page. British Council Phonetics Chart and scroll down to the bottom for the interactive chart.
  • Do a quick recap of various sounds, just to get their mouths and memories in order. You can do this by either hovering over the symbol and eliciting the sound, or just asking them to remember the sounds in pairs.
  • You can either use the whole phonetic chart, or do it by section of short or long vowels or consonants. I tend to enlarge it in sections as it’s better to focus on types of sounds, plus for Phonetics Lobbing it’s easier to do.
  • Once you have the section of the chart enlarged on the board, scrunch up a piece of paper, or use one of those weird sticky toys. Do an example with the class by throwing the paper ball at the chart, the students then have to say the sound related to the symbol that the paper lands on. Go round the chart, making sure they remember the sounds and symbols.
  • Then the fun starts. You can keep this as an individual or team activity.
  • Individual: each student takes it in turn to come to the front and lob a paper ball at a symbol, the class then say the sound. Or you, or someone in the class, says the sound they have to hit. You can rotate this round the class.
  • Teams: each team choses a lobber, which they can rotate. Then again you, or someone from the other team, choses a symbol they have to hit with the paper ball and the whole team have to say the sound. Keep count and give them one or two chances to hit the symbol. First team to five.
  • Extra ideas. Get the team members to say three words with the sound once the person has hit the symbol for extra bonus points.

That’s about it. The main idea is to get them recapping and remembering the symbols and sounds. If you want some more ideas for phonetics games then check out the blogs below.

Thanks for reading.

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