Top ESL posts: Internet addiction, teaching future, role plays and more…

Here’s this month’s top esl blog posts.


Big problems…worth bringing up in class. Photo by mandiberg

Teaching the future

There’s a decent analysis and ideas for lessons about teaching the future on English with Jennifer. The blog is titled The Verb Tense Dilema: is there any future?. Worth checking out.

Internet Addiction

There’s a great lesson plan on the topic of internet addiction on Breaking News English. I think it fits in well with students of all levels as most of them probably are addicted to the internet, at least on their mobiles. Have a look at the lesson here.

Using Role Plays in class

I’m a massive fan of using role plays in class. It’s a great way to put the language you have just taught into practise. Have look at the latest blog on Oxford University Press, which is called Using drama role plays in your classroom.

Teaching prepositions

Always a tricky one for English learners. Have a look at this article on about how to teach prepositions for an excellent break down of all ways to teach prepositions. There’s also a link to a decent book on the same topic as well.

Business English

Fancy a decent listening activity for business English learners? Then check out this post on Business English Pod with a podcast with listening exercise based on collocations.

That’s all for this month.

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