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With almost 10,000 people doing a CELTA each year, there must be some demand for a blog of CELTA resources.  I did a CELTA way back 13 years ago, when there weren’t even whiteboards, markers, or even post-its. Not that post-its are a real essential for becoming an ESL teacher, although they do come in handy for a few things.


Post-its, for ESL teachers are the way forward… Photo by jeanbaptiste

Nothing like a bunch of resources to help you find the perfect CELTA course for starting off your ESL career. If you’re looking for a CELTA course and unsure where to start, then I’d suggest making your way through this list. I aim to provide resources for ways to find a course, best websites for searching courses, interesting articles about choosing a course, and anything generally useful.

Cambridge English

Definitely the best place to start. This website gives you a detailed description about the CELTA, with information on what the course entails, the ways you are assessed, and also general information about the CELTA. There is a great search engine for finding a centre anywhere in the world. This page on ways to take a CELTA is also of interest, indeed.

Teaching House

I tend to get quite a few people following my blogs and leaving comments from the U.S.A, so if you’re looking at doing a CELTA in the states, then definitely check out Teaching House, one of the largest providers of CELTA course on that side of the pond. The most useful pages are What is TEFL?, Locations, and the job centre.


Think of this website as a general aid in starting your TEFL career. The most useful pages are the Course search on the homepage, TEFL jobs, and the blog is pretty decent too.

Cambridge English CELTA

For a general overview of information about CELTA, including what it is, some terminology, benefits, and views on training, then check out this page.

Go Overseas

There’s a great article here on the difference between CELTA and TEFL, which gives you a decent run down on the terminology, plus at the end there’s a decent browse for CELTA courses, and TEFL courses.

Teaching English

I often use this page for ideas about teaching and resources, so there’s no surprise that there is a detailed section on CELTA, plus a list of countries offering courses at the end.

That’s about all the general resources I could find. Another way to be more specific would be enter ‘CELTA + Spain’ for example, if you’re trying to find a CELTA course in Spain. I hope the above information helps. If you want more information then check out my latest blog titled how to become an ESL teacher.

If you know of any other excellent resources, or are a provider and want to plug your course, then just leave a comment below.

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