Best TEFL and ESL forums

Fancy a moan, need some advice, or have a strange urge to give some tips to new TEFL or ESL teachers? Here’s a list of the best, most useful, and sexy TEFL and ESL forums on the internet. Use them wisely because they may come back to bite you on the ear lobe.


Sound advice for any ESL teacher! Photo by forced rhubarb

TEFL net

Check out‘s forums for categories on grammar, young learners, adults, business, management, and games and activities. To register all you need is a username and password and away you go.

ESL base

This is a great forum with a range of categories, including chats on all the continents, teaching and methodology, grammar and vocabulary, and being new to tefl.

Dave’s ESL cafe

Apart from being a great site for jobs and general help, Dave’s ESL cafe also has a useful forum with tons of topics including lesson plans, business English, materials writing, grammar and vocabulary, new teachers, training and plenty more.


Check this baby out of you’re looking for a job as an ESL teacher. It’s got some useful topics to browse through, including getting a job, certificates, training, discrimination, your CV, and also topics on each continent.


This is a great website for flashcards, phonics, worksheets, videos and games, and also they have a forum, so go check it out.


Not seen this one before, but it looks useful. As well as stuff on games, flashcards, and worksheets, there’s a forum too.

English Forums

This is a new one for me too. I’ve not looked around it much yet, but the forum looks interesting with up-to-date topics and lots of people contributing.

That’s all I’ve found for now, but I’ll keep searching and updating. Do you know of, or have, an ESL forum? Let everyone know by leaving a comment. Cheers.

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