Top ESL posts! ESL predictions, EFL interviews, and classroom Apps…

Here’s this month’s round up of the best ESL blogs I’ve read during the last month. Hope you enjoy them.


Make some ESL predictions then… Photo by Xurbie

2020 ESL school predictions

How can you imagine the future in the ESL world? Students in the classes represented by their own robots? Will teachers become extinct? Check out this post on Aiyshah’s English Page, titled The ESL school – a 2020 prediction for an interesting view point.

How to prepare for an EFL interview

Going for an interview for a TEFL job soon? Then check out this rundown of pet annoyances by candidates going for interviews and try to stay away from making the same mistakes. The page is on Simon Richardson English and is titled Preparing for an EFL interview.

Apps for the classroom

Want to get your students using their mobiles in class, with your permission? Then have a look at this post titled Using mobile Apps in the classroom.

Research in ESL

How often do you conduct some hardcore ESL research? I can’t say it’s high on my list of things to do at the weekend. Saying that, this is an interesting article on ELT Planning titled The Role of Research in TEFL.

The Roles of a TEFL teacher

What are we actually supposed to be doing in the TEFL classroom? Sometimes I have no idea. Check out this post on My TEFL Life titled The Roles of a TEFL teacher.

That’s all for this month…hope you have a good one.

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