A Novel Spain: Two views on Seville, Best Blogs on Spain, and learning languages

I forgot that I’m allowed a bit of shameless publicity on Baztefl.com about my other blog, A Novel Spain. I stopped writing it as I was working on my first novel, so didn’t have time. I’m back on the ball with it though, so if you’re interested in life in Spain then here’s a quick run down of my latest blogs.


Toledo…not a bad place to do some fishing… Photo by Camelia

The Nutters of Seville

Probably not one of my cheeriest of blogs, I think I was having a bad week when I wrote this one. Maybe I was annoyed at the world. Anyway, it’s not all rosy living abroad, and sometimes it’s necessary to have a moan now and then. So have a look at the Nutters of Seville for a post about mental people I’ve seen about since living here.

Visit Seville, or else 

This was kind of an apology to the city where I live. The week before I’d been harsh, and possibly fair, but this blog shows pure love I have for Seville, and reasons why you should visit this marvellous city.

Best Blogs about Spain

This is a monthly blog of the best blogs I’ve read about Spain or expat life in the last month. I talk about Olive Oil, how the South is going to turn into a desert, A-Z of Spanish cuisine, and views of Toledo. Enjoy.

Learning a foreign language will do nasty things to your brain

This is all about reasons why you should learn a foreign language. I talk about topics such as being able to defend yourself, getting a decent meal, telling jokes, and knowing where you stand in society.

That’s all for this month. I’ll be updating here every month in case you miss it over at A Novel Spain.

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