5 reasons why Donald Trump would make a great TEFL teacher

Could you imagine Mr Trump in your staffroom during your breaks? Cracking some downright wrong jokes about the world of TEFL? I doubt he’d be a caring, helpful work colleague, or one full of knowledge about the uses of English grammar, but at least he’d bring in some drama to your work place. I’m sure he’d get a reaction from the students as well.

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Don’t worry, the last I heard he got a new job in a big white house somewhere, so it’s not likely he’ll be in your staffroom for at least 4 years or so, but once he’s done ruining the world, maybe TEFL could be a decent option for him.

Here’s why I think Trumpy would make a great TEFL teacher.

A Natural Leader

ESL students need a natural leader as a teacher. One to show them the skills of learning English. Trump would fulfil that perfect role.

He could waltz about the class, showing everyone how well he speaks his own language, racking up mountains of teacher talking time, and exposing students to plenty of natural English. They’d be mesmerized by his elaborate ways, so much so that they’d surely learn something.

Being a natural leader will enable him to correct students properly too. He won’t be afraid to butt in when students make a mistake, cut them dead, and show them the right way to do things.

He would make a perfect head to the class, to give students someone to look up to, admire, and inspire them to progress with their English.

Stimulating Conversations

There’s no doubt that Trump has caused a stir in recent weeks, so just imagine the effect he could have in the ESL classroom.

Creating stimulating and interesting conversations for the students is a key skill in becoming a great ESL teacher, and one that DT could master. He’d be great at speaking his mind, or playing Devil’s advocate, without actually playing the advocate. No doubt he’d be good at winding students up too. Giving his opinions would create emotion, and possibly horror, in the class and get them to speak by raising a controversial topic to create conversation.

Funny Mannerisms

Students love the craziness of their teachers, and DT could easily provide them with some entertainment with his bizarre hand movements and gestures. I’m sure his weird hand signals would catch on and the students would then communicate in their own special way. He’s a bit of clown too, and that’s exactly what us TEFL teachers are 80% of the time.

He’d probably have a funny way of holding his pen, or standing at the board, which would no doubt get the attention of those less focussed students, the ones who are always trying to sneak a peek at their mobile phone, or attempting to communicate with their colleague across the classroom. At least he’d make the lessons memorable too.

New exposure to accents

Some students said to me the other day that they actually found Donald quite easy to understand. I guess it’s true. He’s quite a good public speaker, even if what he says is absolute nonsense. But at least it would be clear for students and they’d be able to understand him, and perhaps mimic his accent. Students need a range of accents from around the world, and surely he could put on a range of American accents for students to get a variety of listening practise.

He’d probably be great at teaching the phonetic chart as well. Rumour has it that he studied it back in the day, when he first became a business man, as he knew that it would help him in later life to communicate with such a vast amount of people.

A born winner

ESL students need examples of winners in the classroom. They are in a tough game, having to learn a language in order to compete with other people around the world to get the best jobs. So they need a role model, someone who can show them how to be motivated to obtain exactly what they desire.

DT is the perfect candidate. Bring him into class and show students a living example of just what is achievable if you put your mind to something. That should be enough to motivate even the weakest of English students.

Bring interesting personalised examples

I’m a firm believer in making grammar and vocabulary personal for it to really stick in your mind. I try to get this across to my students, and the best ones take it on board.

Just imagine the variety of personalised sentences Trump could bring to the classroom. It would be interesting to hear about his daily routines for teaching the present simple. He’d be able to whip up on the spot examples of the 2nd conditional too, like, if you were the President of the U.S.A, what would you do? Surely he could create a decent narrative tense lesson based on the story of how he defeated Clinton as well.

To Sum up

Okay, I know this isn’t going to happen. There’s no way he’d give up his day job to get thrown into the TEFL world, I mean, he’d have to do a CELTA to start with.

This post has just been a bit of fun, so don’t blame me if word gets about and he sees this and one day actually does turn up in your staffroom.

What do you think? Could you see Trump teaching your students? Maybe he can come in and watch you for a while, give you some feedback, and then have a go himself? Might be worth suggesting to your director. Just think of the publicity for new students.

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