Top ESL posts: ESL in South Korea, Pronunciation important, is TEFL a proper job?

Here are a few excellent blogs and articles I’ve read about the ESL world over the last month.


Should have gone…should have gone…to South Korea Photo by Strogoscope

Fancy teaching in South Korea?

If so, then there’s a great insight into what Amelia misses about not being in South Korea. The blog is called The Coconut Fox.

Is Pronunciation important?

I think so, and Robin Walker agrees with me, or should it be the other way round? For a deeper insight into Robin’s views, check out this blog on Oxford University Press title Does Pronunciation matter? You can also get links to his webinar.

Life challenges as an ESL learner

I normally post for teachers, but this blog on Aiyshah’s English Page has an interesting outlook on the challenges that our students face. Have a look at the post titled 5 key challenges when learning ESL.


How can students benefit from self-evaluation? Have a look at this useful article on My English Expressions titled The Art of Self-Evaluation. If only I could get my lot to do the same…might give it a try.

Is TEFL a proper job?

This is an amusing post on The Best Ticher. It talks about what you should do if you become an ESL teacher, and also the credit that you should give yourself when people ask you when you’re going to get a proper job. Check it out A TEFL certificate is for life, not just for Christmas.

That’s all for this month. Thanks.

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