How to become an ESL teacher, 2nd draft done!

My next book, How to become an ESL teacher, will be out soon. My original plan was to have it ready for the end of November, but it’s just taken longer than I thought. I guess the book I read about writing a non-fiction book in 21 days wasn’t applicable to this one. It was probably a bit far-fetched anyway to be honest.


Can How to become an ESL teacher inspire? Photo by xbettyx

I found it relatively easy to bash out the 1st draft, but as always editing the 2nd has taken its toll. I’m not in any rush to get it out there anyway.

So, the plan is to give it a further read, add a few additional information pages, and then get it proofread by friends and also a professional editor. I still need to get the front cover done as well. So I’m either aiming for it to be ready before Christmas, or I’ll wait until next year.

So, if you’ve been losing sleep over when How to become an ESL teacher is coming out, then I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to wait a bit longer. It’ll be worth it though. Hopefully it will inspire people to get into teaching English in the New Year. Have a look here at the chapter breakdown.

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Thanks for reading.

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