ESL Christmas activities and lessons

For a list of useful ESL activities and lessons based around Christmas then keep reading. At the end of this post are two previous blogs I did back in 2012 and 2014, but these links are more updated.


Happy Xmas…. Photo by Kevin Dooley

Busy Teacher

Have a look here for a massive range of lessons, activities, reading activities and songs for Christmas.

Teaching English

There’s only one lesson plan here, but it looks pretty good, and is also suitable for most ages.

ESL Site

This is also a useful page to visit for Christmas activities. There are reading activities, songs, quizzies, crosswords, stories and even recipes.

Teach This

Teach This always has great activities, so check them out for stuff on Christmas, including puzzles, word searches, colouring, and how to write a letter to Santa himself.

ESOL Courses 

These guys also have a decent list of lesson plans and activities with the festive Christmas theme.

ESL Kids Stuff

I featured this site on one of the blogs below, but this is an updated version and has a lot more Christmas stuff.

English Work Sheets

For some printable Christmas work sheets then have a look at this baby.

As said, below are two previous blogs I did back in 2012 and 2014. I’ll also be doing a phonetics Christmas song next week. Hope you all have a good one. Merry Christmas!

Top Christmas ESL Blogs…

Activities for Christmas 2014!

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