ESL Activity: Christmas Productions

Struggling for an idea for those last Christmas days of term? Want to do something different, fun, and get your students up acting and speaking so you can have a laugh? Then why not try this Christmas Production activity.

This is a great activity for ages of about 12 and over.

It’s quite similar to my previous Role Play activity, but with a Christmas twist. I’ll probably do this with a couple of my classes on the last two days of term as a sort of treat. Here’s how you go about it.

Try and get him in the production… Photo by Funky 64

  • Tell the class they are going to become world famous Christmas actors.
  • Bring them back down to earth by making sure they understand that ‘famous’ means famous within the four walls of your classroom.
  • If you’ve done a role play with them before, then it should be relatively easy to set up. Proceed as follows.
  • Download my ebeam for a variety of Christmas Characters. This is just to give you an idea, but feel free to change whoever you feel is inappropriate.
  • Get students to come out individually and pick their character for the play by pointing to the coloured square of their choice.
  • Once everyone has a character, put the students into appropriate groups of three or four, according to how well the characters would fit together, or how well the students would work together.
  • Elicit types of places the plays can be in, for example, The North Pole, Times Square, or anywhere Christmassy and allocate a place for each set of characters.
  • Explain they have about 30 minutes to create and write down a dialogue using the characters and places given.
  • Here’s where you can revise and recap specific grammar or vocabulary by saying they have to use it in their dialogue. For example, you could ask students to use the future tenses or speculative modals to create their conversation.
  • Give the students time to write up their dialogues.
  • Go round monitoring and helping with certain grammar and vocabulary problems.
  • Once they have finished, correct their writing and get them to practise. Here you can listen in and help on any pronunciation problems before they perform to the class.
  • When all groups are ready, explain that while they are listening they have to decide on the best play, so they can vote afterwards. Here you can either get them to write one line summarizing their opinion, or elicit categories to vote on. For example, best acting or most interesting plot or conversation.
  • Sit back and watch some Christmas productions and get ready to give your opinion.
  • Once they are all done, collect in the votes and comments and find out which one is the winner.
  • Wish them all a Merry Christmas as they leave.
  • If it’s your last day then go to the pub and have your first official Christmas drink.

Hope that brings some Christmas joy to your class!

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