Fancy changing your ESL life? Then do a Delta!

It’s official, if you don’t do a Delta then you will become a dreadful ESL teacher and probably get eaten up by your blood sucking students and decide to go back home to work in Tesco.

Do you want to have to send people to this aisle? Then do a Delta. Photo by Loopzilla

I chose to do a Delta about 4 years back, and it nearly killed me, but it was worth it. Not only can doing a Delta give you a growth in confidence and become an expert at phonetics, but will increase your status in the work place and widen your job prospects. If you are interested in doing a Delta, then check out my first article for Teaching House titled How Delta changed my life.  Hopefully I’ll be writing for Teaching House quite a bit over the next few months, so keep an eye out.

Happy New Year by the way, hope you all have a good one and get some decent students, or manage to turn around your tricky classes (that’s my aim).



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