Top ESL posts: Back to school activities, How to learn English, and life in Korea!

Happy New Year to you all. Here’s my first Top ESL posts blog of the year. Hope these links are useful and in some way improve your ESL life.

Back in the ESL class? Noooo! Photo by Jesuscm

Back to school activities

Damn, do I actually have to go to work today? I’ve got so used to waking up a bit later, chilling with my kids a bit more, and not thinking about teaching, that I know it’s going to be a stuggle this week, or month. Feel the same? Then look at this blog on Oxford University Press titled Back to school activities for your ESL classroom.

Getting students to ask questions

Are your students scared of asking questions in class? I know mine are. I think mainly because they don’t want to ask a silly question, and normally get a silly answer from me (maybe I should change that). Anyway, check out this post on Aiyshah’s English Page titled Why are some ESL students afraid to ask questions in class?

A teacher’s life in Korea

Thinking of going to live and teach in Korea, then have a look at this post titled Teaching on Reverse Retrograde to get a more in depth insight. Not sure I could hack it out there.

New Year’s Lesson plan (future perfect)

Check out this lesson plan based on ‘This time next year’, also connected with New Year’s and using the future perfect. It’s on Sharefl and is titled This Time Next Year Lesson Plan.

How to learn English

There’s a great video to show your students on how Marine learnt English. She’s put the video on her blog My Little English Page with some quiz questions. It’s titled How I learnt English and my tips.

That’s all for this month. Hope your January isn’t too miserable!

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