How important is mentoring and coaching for ESL teachers?

To progress in any great career, training and coaching is essential. This is the same for becoming a decent ESL teacher. Over my 13 year career I’ve done the CELTA, Delta, and had tons and tons of training for the company I work for ELI, here in Seville.

Come to Seville to teach… Photo by Alcaide

I honestly believe that the more you learn, the better teacher you’ll be able to deal with your students and help them improve their English. A few years back I guess I thought I knew it all, but doing the Delta really showed me that I didn’t. Even after that, I’m open to learning new ways and getting observed by trainers and peers.

For a more detailed answer to the question above then have a look at my latest article. I’ve started writing again for the British Council’s Teaching English Magazine and here’s my latest article titled Mentoring and coaching are essential to improve as a teacher. Here’s also a link to my previous blog; Who needs Resources. I’ll be writing for them on a more regular basis now. They are looking for new bloggers, so why not have a bash yourself. Have a look at this page about becoming a blogger. Good luck.

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