Fantastic new travel book: Footloose & Fearless @ Fifty

For those of you who were fans of Intrepid Den, she has now released her book titled Footloose & Fearless @ Fifty +: a solo woman’s journey through the Americas. Here’s the book description.

FOOTLOOSE & FEARLESS @ FIFTY+ is a humorous and vivid account of one woman’s attempt to transform her life from middle age monotony by adventuring to Latin America and, just for the sake of it, New York on the way back. It isn’t a story of swank hotels and high living; it is a journey of cheap hostels, hotels and airbnb lodgings.

There are friendships, earthquakes, planes, boats, buses and bicycles. There is a death defying motorbike ride, horse trekking, swimming and an awful lot of walking – practically every inch of Manhattan.

More than anything though, it is an inspirational and empowering record of the simple joy of diving in and not being afraid to sample everything, plus the realisation that if you want to change your life, the only person stopping you, is you.

As she’s my auntie, there’s no need for me to say how wonderful her book is, just buy it and enjoy! Check her Amazon Author page too.

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