Top ESL blogs: ESL Expat, Digital Literacy, and Titanic lesson plan

Here are this month’s Top ESL blogs that I’ve read:

Miss those ESL days in Thailand. Photo by Rushen.

ESL Expat

This is more of a big shout out to a new website, and soon to be blog, coming your way. ESL Expat is all about connecting ESL teachers with employers, and also providing helpful activities. I’ve been working closely with the owner, Paul, and have also written a post about Thailand, which will appear shortly. If you’re interested in writing for him about South East Asia, then get in contact.

Digital Literacy

Ever wondered how many of jobs in the future will involve technology skills? Well, according to this post on Oxford University Press at least 77% of employees will need to be able to use technology. So what effect will this have on the adult ESL world? I thought it would have been more than 77% to be honest, and I can’t see it being a major problem with adult learners, at least with the ones I’ve taught.

Grading your language in class

Do you change the way you speak in class? I used to, but when I went home my family and mates would take the mick out of me for speaking like a fool, now I try to be as natural as possible for anything above intermediate level. There’s an interesting article on the Best Ticher titled Watch your language….

Titanic Lesson plan

Looking for a lesson about the titanic? Well, check out this post on English Language Activities for a lesson plan on the Titanic, including worksheets and role plays.

Creating a community in class

There’s a useful post on Culturally Shocked, which talks about creating a sense of community and love in the language class. It’s definitely worth a look at to get some ideas on how to bring your own culture into the class and engage a group of learners.

That’s all for this month.


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