Top ESL posts: Irish Extranjero, feedback on writing, and helping students with vocab

Hey all, decided that I’ll be doing a weekly post of the best blogs and articles I’ve read about ESL, just to spread some more love in the TEFL world. So here’s this week’s.

Irish Extranjero is in Sevilla. Photo by MAC

Exams just keep on coming

Check out this post by Oisin, a good friend of mine based in Sevilla, on the Irish Extranjero. His latest blog is all about his views on exams.

Helping students learn vocabulary

There’s a great post on the Oxford University Press blog by Laura Austin about how you can help students improve their vocabulary.

Feedback on writing

How do you give feedback on your students writing? Do you correct it, circle it, or just write weird comments at the end questioning their abilities to think like a human being. Okay, that’s a bit harsh, never done that myself. If you want some good tips then check out a post by Rachael Roberts on ELT Resourceful titled Effective and efficient techniques for giving feedback on writing.

Footy lesson

I’ve always wanted to do a footy lesson, but am scared that the females just won’t like it. In Sevilla a lot of the girls love football actually, but there’s always one or two who don’t. Anyway, check out this lesson titled Lesson Ideas: Football and conditionals which is on ELT Planning.

Great tip for students- finish your sentence

How many times have your students failed to end a sentence? Well, this great tip on Aiyshah’s English Page is useful for all students. It’s titled Finish your sentence.

That’s all for this week. If you’d like to be feature next week then just drop a comment below. Thanks.

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