Is a Delta only for the serious ESL teachers?

I think so, unless you can prove me wrong. Everyone I know who has done a Delta has gone on to better, more responsible jobs, which I guess does mean they have to be a tad more serious at some point. Apart from Moi. I’m in the same job, but I’m happy there, and besides, I know my students have benefitted from me doing the Delta, which was my initial reason for doing it.

DELTA is knowledge…knowledge is power! Photo by Ken Whytock

If you’re thinking of doing the Delta, or maybe would like to see a more indepth article on the point above, then check out my lastest piece for Teaching House called Get Serious: How to turn TEFL into a “Proper Job.” I talk about how knowledge is power, how it will improve your job security, the benefits of challenging yourself, and how it broadens your horizons.

I’ll be writing a lot more about the Delta over the next year, so keep your eyes out for the latest articles.

Hope that helps.

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