ESL Lesson: Music Video Awards

Just how popular are music videos for English learners? Here’s a lesson for your students to compare their tastes in music, watch a few videos, gets some English into their brains, and generally have a fun lesson.

Music video awards… Photo by raremusicvideo

You can do this from intermediate level upwards. As always, the teacher’s notes are on the Power Point below, but here’s a general run down of what you can do with this lesson.

  • First have a quick chat about music videos and their effect on the world.
  • Then explain the lesson. They’ll be watching a selection of music videos they chose, and then vote on the best one.
  • Students write down the name of the song with the best video in their opinion.
  • As a class decide on the categories to vote for the video.
  • Watch each video, students vote, then compare their ideas.
  • You can add a video too if you like.

You can find the lesson here: Music Video Awards.

Have fun.

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