ESL Project: The Best Series Presentation

How often do you encourage students to watch series, films, or youtube clips outside the class? I’m always at it, but they never seem to listen to me, well, at least 90% of them don’t. So this term I’ve set up a project with a group of intermediate, B1, teens to force them to watch a complete season of a series.

Downtown Abbey as a series for teens? Photo by neilalderny

I set it up a couple of weeks back. So far they are still trying to work out where they are going to watch it, and also how they are going to present it to the rest of the class. I’ve built it up quite a bit, saying they were my best class and that there would be a prize for the winner, which there will, of course.

Here’s a Power Point with the full presentation, along with teacher notes: The Best Series Presentation.

Have fun!

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