A few changes to A Novel Spain…

It’s been a long hard battle to sort out how I want A Novel Spain to evolve. If you’ve been following this blog, or baztefl, or Teaching English in a Foreign Land, then you’ll have seen how my way of writing, and what I write about, has changed since 2011. This week I have merged all my blogs from baztefl, so they are all here.

Love this picture: Photo by Nick Kenrick

My problem is that I love to write about many subjects. I’m an ESL teacher, and it’s hard to be in class and not think up new lesson ideas or activities and want to write about them. I’m also an expat, father of two, and each week I have ideas about tips and advice for others, plus I love writing about what sort of life I lead, whether to entertain readers, or just inform them.

My main dream is to become a novelist though, and I’m only about a month away, hopefully, from publishing my first novel, Falling for Flamenco, but more details on that later.

So, from now on this is what you’ll find on A Novel Spain.

Monday: Share the love post. This will include links to other blogs and articles I’ve read about ESL, expat life, Spain, Seville, or anything connected to my novels.

Wednesday: Expat/Spain/travel based blog. This will include anecdotes, tips and advice, links to articles I have written, or opinions about current news topics.

Friday: ESL post. This will include lesson ideas, activities, resources, a diary entry, and also links to articles I write.

So if you’re interested in any of the above topics, then please keep following.


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