ESL Lesson: B1/PET writing part 3…timing

Can you actually improve your students’ writing? I like to think I can, at least to the ones who want to get better. As a writer I enjoy teaching writing. I like working on expanding students vocabulary mostly, but mainly about teaching them about the writing process.

PET/B1 writing part 3 in class. Photo by Melissa W Edwards

Let’s be honest, most B1/PET students will try to whack out the part 3 writing in about 10 and 15 minutes, but do they realise how important this part is? I don’t think it’s particulary hard to get 9 or 10 out of 15, but needing at least 17,5 to pass, and considering students may get a difficult part 1; it’s vital that they get their score up to 12 or 13 out of 15, but how can they do that?

I think a lot comes down to planning, and editting, which most students don’t give themselves time for, or know how to do. So many times when I’ve done this lesson, when I get to the editting part students just don’t know how to make their writing better. That’s where you have to come in and show them how to improve.

Here’s a Power Point presentation on B1/PET writing part 3…timing.

In this lesson you will:

  • Do some writing in class
  • Discuss and highlight what’s important when writing a letter
  • Analyse 3 examples writings from Cambridge test books.
  • Show students how to breakdown their time in the exam
  • Act as a walking dictionary while students complete their letter

Easy, if only. Hope this helps. I try to do writing in class when possible and I think students appreciate the guidance in showing them how to manage their time, whether they do or not in the actual exam is up to them.

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