Share the ESL love: How does ESL make you feel, live in Bangkok, and travel the world

Time for this week’s ‘Share the Love’ blog with the best posts on ESL.

ESL in Bangkok is a great option. Photo by Roberto

What happens when you live in Bangkok?

I taught English in Bangkok and it did weird things to me (find out by reading my travel book). I was only there for 7 months though. There’s a great article on Sam in Bangkok called This is what happens when you live in Bangkok which gives a detailed and pretty fun rundown of what happens to you after each year of living in Bangkok.

How TEFL can help you travel the world

Becoming an ESL teacher is a great way to see the world and earn a living. For more info check out this blog titled Want to earn money while travelling abroad? on Travelista Journal, which gives a great insight on how you can earn money while abroad.

Scott Thornbury and CELTA

There’s a very interesting blog here about how Scott Thornbury can publish a book about Dogme, and also write an official CELTA handbook. Geoff’s view on Critic ELT is quite critical, but I like it. Have a read.

How does teaching make you feel?

Marvellous, angry, sad, happy, and burnt out, plus many more. There’s a great read on Oxford University Press  called How does teaching make you feel; well worth a look.

Images in ELT

Have you ever wondered just how suitable images in ELT materials are? I often do, but not absolutely every day. Pete has a much better view on the situation though. Check out his latest post on ELT Planning  titled Problems with images in ELT materials.

Hope that helps.

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