ESL Lesson: FCE Writing; Managing timing in the exam

Following on from last week’s PET Writing lesson, I thought I’d bash one out for FCE /B2 as well. As a writer, I enjoy doing writing sessions in class and try to teach students how to actually write – not physically by holding their hand and moving their pencil up the page – but the process of writing.

Why not dress up as a cat too? Photo by Wordshore

Something very important about this lesson is that only a few will like it. I once did this with a class and they hated it, and me by the end because it can be quite intense (but that is how they should feel after writing), but other students really like it. So it’s worth saying this at the start of class.

Anyway, everything is here on this Power Point titled FCE Planning Timing. In this lesson you will:

  • Have a chat about about the writing process and highlight the importance of planning and editing
  • Look at a breakdown of how they can spend their time in the exam.
  • Write an essay in class, using the structure I suggest, and then share what they have written.

Like I said, not everyone will be able to write this way, but it’s worth giving them another option.

Have fun.

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