Share the Expat Love: Returning home, Spanish nationality, expat inspiration.

This week’s love sharing is all about expat stuff. So here are the top blogs I’ve read related to expat life.

Feel the love on the rock in Gib…photo by Chris Gold

The Rock, Gibraltar

Visited Gib a few years back now, and would love to go again. Here’s a decent post by Roaming Mom about the Rock, plus some photos. Check it out.

What to see in Sevilla?

As a Sevilla lover, in more ways than one, I’d recommend reading this post by Emma, a curly girl abroad, titled 5 places you need to see in Sevilla.

Returning to your home country

I guess this must happen to expats over their lifetime, and maybe not just once. I used to battle with the thought of going home quite a bit, but these days I’m settled. If you are returning home and need some inspiration, then this blog titled Things I look forward to on Expat Partner Survival is worth a look.

Spanish Nationality

More suited to those Spain expats, wondering just how possible it is to become a Spanish citizen is this blog titled We did it on retirement road notes. I’m looking into it at the moment, but going to wait and see what deal the UK do with Spain after Brexit.

Inspiration for all expats

Need some inspiratio to move abroad? Then check out this post titled Inspiration to move abroad by Minna on Intentional expat, a great blog by Melissa about the expat world.


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