Share the Spain love: Alcázar, Cordoba, Barcelona, Spanish cooking

Time for this week’s collection of the best blogs I’ve read about travel and life in Spain.

Alcázar in Seville. Photo by sky_hlv.

Why visit the Alcázar in Seville?

There are plenty of reasons to visit this lovely palace in Seville, so check out this article for 5 excellent reasons to visit the Alcázar on Marisa’s Adventures. This has been a really useful article and I learnt a lot about one of my favourite places to read in Seville, just a shame I don’t get to go there so much these days.

Visiting Cordoba?

Then you definitely want to check out this popular post on The Finicky Cynic titled Destination Cordoba, Spain. There are some great photos, and decent description of this wonderful city.

Barrios of Barcelona

For a great tour of some barrios in Barcelona then check out this blog on Me Exploring called Barrios of Barcelona: Funky Gracia. Again the photos are pretty outstanding and descriptions are informative.

Cooking in Spain

Want to know more about the fantastic range of food you can enjoy while in Spain, then check out this post on Jovina Cooks called Cooking the mediterranean countries: Spain.

Fantastic orange paintings

If you’re a fan of art based in Spain, or even Andalusia, then you have to check out A Certain Line, especially this picture called Drenched in orange blossom water.

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Have a great week.

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