Finally some progress teaching my kids English

It’s a long, hard battle to bring up kids to be completely bilingual, trust me, I’m finding out the hard way. But, alas, progess has been made, words have been spoken, and everyone is happy, especially me.


Happy days…Photo by Carmela Nava 

For some tips and advice on how you can help bring up your bilingual kids being, well, bilingual, have a look at my latest article for Expat Focus titled Who’s winning the bilingual battle now? I give tips such as being insistent, special questioning techniques, the benefits of praising highly, and also why I do let my kids watch TV, but not after 9pm.

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3 thoughts on “Finally some progress teaching my kids English

  1. Congratulations . I wish I were doing better with Spanish. I’ve been here in Spain for two months now and feel I should be speaking this beautiful language better.

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