Falling for Flamenco out next week!

My first novel, Falling for Flamenco: Love and Flamenco in Seville, is almost ready for publication. It’s been proofread, double checked, and this week I got my book cover designed, as you can see below, alongside the book description.

This is a love story, set in Seville – one of the most romantic cities in the world. It has scenes set in the two main festivals; Semana Santa, and la Feria and will take you on a passionate, twisting journey through the hearts of two strangers, with two things in common; flamenco, and a devotion to each other.

But true love is never easy to conquer, especially for two lovers from completely different backgrounds and countries, who speak different languages, and a strict, traditional Spanish father who is determined to ruin any chances they have of becoming one.

I’m so happy with the cover, done by Maduranga on fiverr.

So I’m planning to publish next week, both on Kindle and paperback with Createspace. I’m just doing some final checks, so it should be ready soon.

I’ll be offering all my email followers a period to buy Falling for Flamenco for a discounted rate. So, to find out details sign up HERE.

Hope you enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Falling for Flamenco out next week!

  1. Muy bien, Barry! Congratulations on this accomplishment, on top of the rest of your busy life 😉 Is there an excerpt I can read?

    1. Hey AJ,

      Thanks a lot, yeah life is quite hectic at the moment.

      You can download a free sample of the book when it comes out on Friday. If you subscribe to my email list you’ll also get details of a discounted version.

      Hope you enjoy it.



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