The most romantic spots in Seville

Seville is not the best place to visit if you’ve just been dumped by a WhatsApp message, or any message to be fair. When I first arrived here, getting a ‘girlfriend’ (said with a sarcastic teenager voice) was about as desirable as having a bull chase me along Avenida Constitucíon. I was about as up for getting attached to someone as I was losing one of my big toes. It just wasn’t on my bucket list, baby, but Seville has that effect on people, or at least, it did on me.

Seville is a coupley place. As you walk about, you’ll notice men and women, women and women, and men and men, holding hands, and kissing each other in the street, as if they’ve just got back from the pub on a Friday night and Barry White is playing his sexy thang on the bedroom speakers.

Romance in Seville. Photo by Por mi tripa

There is no shame to show affection in the street in Seville; the more the better. The more obvious the wandering hands, the more claps you will receive from passersby.

Seville is a great place to feel love, to show love, and to be in love, but the worst if you’re looking for some single freedom, away from those loved up locals who feel the need to stick their tongues down each other’s throats and grind each other in public.

You wouldn’t catch me doing that, at least not anymore, especially if the kids are watching.

But what makes Seville one of the most romantic cities in the world? I think it’s a mix of the sexy smells, the soothing atmosphere, and the general loved up nature of the locals.

For me, these are the three most romantic spots. These are the places I would take my wife if we ever got a free day, or minute, and where we used to hang out when we were actually falling in love, all those many seconds ago.

They are in no particular order, it just depends on your mood.

Most romantic spot for me. Photo by jgo_mg

Plaza Dona Elvira

When my wife first took me to Plaza Doña Elvira, we went there in secret. You see, she was my student and I was her teacher. I was under strict instructions not to date any students. I think it was even in the contract I signed. I was 25, she was 21, and we were both falling for each other pretty quickly. She used to take me to this wonderful little square during my work breaks. I was always in a daze, not really sure where she was taking me as the cobbled streets in Barrio Santa Cruz all looked the same.

But we’d stop, sit on one of the ceramic benches as the water trickled out the fountain, and work on our kissing compatibilities. It was normally at night, and the orange glowing streetlights added effect to the spiritual place. Now and then we’d come up for air and look around. I used to wonder if I was in a movie, in a final scene of a romantic film.

The fact that a lot of couples choose to have their wedding photos in this lovely square is no surprise. It’s a perfect place to read, sniff the various meat and fish dishes from the restaurants setting up, or breathe in the orange blossom in Spring.

Every time I go to the centre, I find myself walking through this square. I also used to take my son there, back before he started nursery when I had a free morning with him. I’d help him walk about the place, keeping him from falling in the fountain, and explain to him that this was where mummy met daddy, or rather ‘got to know her’.

So if you’re visiting Seville, and looking for a romantic spot to chill, grab a bite to eat, and maybe have a romantic moment, then this is a perfect place.

Calle Betis. Romance indeed. Photo by Grupo Edutravel

Calle Betis

Could also be mistaken for one of the rowdiest places, from about 10pm, but for me this street is a lovely place to stroll and really appreciate the beauty of Seville. If you have a pretty woman by your side, or man even, then it adds to the flavour.

On my first night in Seville, just after I signed a contract for renting a flat in Triana, I had a beer with my roommates by the river. I remember having a moment to myself, as they were blabbering on about something, and wondering how the hell I had stumbled on such a beautiful part of the world. It was as if I’d been transported to a watercolour picture where the orange street lights glistened and shone over the river, making the reflections shudder in the ripples of the water.

On many occassions I’ve strolled down there with my wife, before and since we’ve had kids, and we often feel at peace there. We also got married in Santa Ana, the church just behind it.

At night time, a different sort of romance appears; more like a meat market gathering with annoying motorbikes zipping around, people shouting abuse, and plenty of rowdy bunches and stag and hen parties.

The best time to visit, is either early in the morning before it gets too hot, or after lunch for a coffee or a gin and tonic. By then the sun is normally behind the buildings and you can sit in the shade, look into your couples eyes, and appreciate one of the perfect places to marvel in Seville.

Romance in the park. Photo by Emilio

Parque Maria Luisa

There is a reason why most of the parks in Seville are locked at night. The youngster are banned from going there in the evenings and practising that naughty thing we call love. So there must be a reason why the parks are a splendid place to go with your partner, not only because there are plenty of hidden corners for all this exhibitionists, but also because of the romance seeping from the nature.

I love walking about the parks in Seville, but this one is the most romantic one, especially as there is a avenue looking down towards Plaza España and you can see the fountain spraying out in all it’s glory.

Wrapping up on a rainy day and walking round there is also great for loved ones. It’s the closest you’ll get to Central Park, or St James park, in Seville. It’s not amazingly well-kept, but if you want some time alone with your loved one, and feel the need to appreciate the beauty of Seville, then this park is just wonderful.

There are plenty more romantic places, like most spots along the river, hidden corners in the Barrio Santa Cruz, and even at the top of the Mushrooms on a cool and chilly night. At the end of the day, I guess it depends on who you are with as well. Why not try to find your own romantic spot in Seville? If you’ve been here, what would you say was the most romantic place?

6 thoughts on “The most romantic spots in Seville

  1. How enticing. If I ever make it to Sevilla, I will need to explore your favorite spots.
    Thank you for visiting and following my blog, Barry. I look forward to learning more about your life in Spain.
    Best wishes,

    1. You have to come at least once in your life. Thanks for writing and glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be looking out for your next post. Good weekend.

  2. Lovely story about lovely Seville! Even though for me it is more fierce than lovely, but there must be passion in that fierceness too. As I visited Seville in winter, I didn’t breathe in so much of romance there, but gosh, I am thankful now that I didn’t do it on my own, hehe. I am forever enchanted by Malaga, as I’ve had many adventures there. I think, Andalucia generally is made for love (and hate) and passion. And all those flamenco voices full of unexplained emotion. Thank you for sharing your romance!

    1. Hey Marina,

      Interesting you said fierce, can you elaborate? It can be cut throat here at times too, it’s not all love and romance, but there are certainly some precious places. I love Malaga too, maybe I’ll do my next post set there, thanks for the idea.

      Thanks for writing.

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