Welcome to A Novel Spain. My name is Barry O’Leary and I’ve been writing this blog since 2014, and yep, I’m still going strong. I popped over to Seville about 12 years ago to teach English, learn some Spanish, and pick up a bit of flamenco guitar, but I got a lot more. I’ve become a husband, father of two lovely kids, and also a writer, but I’m no closer to becoming a flamenco guitar superstar (unlike the main character in my novel, see below).


On A Novel Spain you will find information, inspiration, and entertaining views on living in Spain. I do love living here – he says, trying to convince himself – but only after a long battle to feel settled. To be fair, it’s only since becoming a father to two Spanish kids that Seville feels like home. Before that, I tried every opportunity to escape, but a certain senorita kept me here with her mysterious ways – that and her excellent cooking skills.

I’ve just publish my first contemporary romantic comedy fiction novel, Falling for Flamenco: Love and Flamenco in Seville

It’s a story about how a genius English guitar player comes to Sevilla to learn the flamenco guitar and falls in love with a flamenco dancer (This has nothing to do with me and my wife – as I said, I never became a flamenco guitarist, and my wife only dances flamenco after a few classes of Rueda). It does show the difficulties of falling in love with a Sevillana though, plus gives you an idea of what Seville is like.

I spend most of my writing time on my novels. Becoming a novelist is my passion and dream, so I must pursue this burning desire in my soul. I will not give up.

Sadly this means I can only afford to blog once a week these days. Every Friday morning. This is what I write about, but it normally changes.

Anecdotes: The wonderful world of living abroad does so much to the soul. These anecdotes should give you an idea of what life is like in Spain.

Book Reviews: I love to read contemporary fiction novels with a hint of romance and humour. I also read a lot of books set in Spain, plus the odd Pepa pig book, but I won’t be reviewing about Pepa pig, not just yet anyway.

Expat Life: This will include anecdotes, tips and advice. I write often for Expat Focus.

ESL Life: Not so much these days because my primary focus is fiction and Spain, but I do a monthly article for Teaching House about tips and advice for ESL teachers. I used to write a blog called Baztefl.com, and you can all the content here. There is plenty of advice, ideas, and lesson plans to make your lives easier. I have also published two books about the ESL world, which you can see above by clicking on my books.

Share the love post: This will include links to other blogs and articles I’ve read about expat life, Spain, Seville, or ESL ideas.

Opinion post: Occasionally I pick an interesting article I’ve read and give my opinion.

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That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy reading A Novel Spain.