If you’re interested in becoming a half-decent TEFL teacher then it’s more than likely that having a CELTA and DELTA qualification will help you achieve that goal. I know it definitely helped me progress through my teaching career and to become a better (and possible half-decent) teacher over the last 13 years.

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New inspiring books from CELTA to DELTA coming soon… Photo by photosteve 101

The idea of this page is to introduce you to all the blogs I have about CELTA or DELTA. If you hadn’t noticed then you can actually click on the category on the drop down menu bar above, or click on one of these CELTA to DELTA.

My next long-term project after writing my non-fiction travel literature book, and getting baztefl.com up and running is to write 3 non-fiction books for ESL / TEFL teachers. The first one is out now.

Book 1- How to become an ESL teacher

This include ideas, advice, and resources for all those people considering becoming a TEFL teacher. It has information about chosing the right CELTA course, how to get through the course, finding your first job in the right country, and surviving the first week. So any newbie TEFL teacher will find this useful.

Book 2- How to survive your first couple of years as an ESL teacher

I’m working on this at the moment.

Now that you’ve found your feet as a TEFL teacher, how can you take it to the next level? This will include information, ideas and advice on how to get better as a teacher in the class, how to survive in the work place, and also about becoming a more settled expat in the outside world.

Book 3 – How to make it through your DELTA and make a career as an ESL teacher

So you’re really a TEFL teacher now, but maybe you need a new challenge, want to push yourself further, or are just bored in class. This book will be mainly about the DELTA, including information and advice on why to do a DELTA, how to get a decent mark, what it actually involves, and about career progression afterwards.

This From CELTA to DELTA series should be available within the next couple of years. In the meantime just keep following my blog and I’ll let you know about the progress.