Mind Boggling

Despite Spain being in the same continent as my home country, England, there are some enormous differences here and I’ve been shocked plenty of times. You’d have thought that living in a country just over 1,200km wouldn’t make that much difference, but it does.


Poor little doggies down Las Ramblas, Barcelona.

I still can’t get my head around the fact that people start buying Christmas National lottery tickets in January, parents dress their little boys up in funny looking tights, and locals call each other son – hijo and daughter –hija even though they are in no way related. I’ve even started calling my wife Hija, which is a tad weird, don’t you think?

Below are a few blogs which illustrate the cultural aspects of Spain which have surprised me over the years.

How do you survive the summer blast in Andalucía?

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Does being an expat corrupt your mind?

Is returning home an option?

Do you get treated unfairly as a foreigner?

Is Spain the noisiest country on earth?

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